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Running Performance Improvement

Whether you are a competitive runner interested in shaving time off your personal best, looking to compete in your first 5k, or returning from a recent injury, the Running Performance Improvement Program is for you.

This strength and conditioning program is specifically designed for runners to improve performance and reduce the risk of developing an overuse injury.


Strength Flexibility and Stability Training

A strength, flexibility and stability conditioning program can improve a runners overall performance. This program will focus on improving hip, glute and core strength, along with increasing flexibility and developing stronger muscles.

Injury Prevention

Due to the repetitive nature of running, runners commonly experience overuse injuries such as IT band syndrome, hip and knee tendonitis, lower back pain and stress fractures. Establishing a solid strength and conditioning program is imperative to bolster often neglected areas and build stronger muscles for running.


This program is designed for runners (14 years and up) interested in improving performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Program Format

Group size is limited to six people per instructor so personal needs can be addressed. One-on-one sessions are available if preferred. Sessions are twice a week for three weeks.

Class Schedule

Classes meet two times per week. For more information, or to sign up, please email us at

One-on-One Training for Runners

This one-on-one program begins with an individual gait analysis for runners.

In the introductory 90 minute session, you will receive:

  • A treadmill gait analysis using Dartfish Video to breakdown and evaluate running mechanics. The following will be reviewed:
    • Foot strike
    • Trunk lean/ hip drive
    • Hip and knee alignment
    • Upper body mechanics
  • Thorough physical/functional screen

You will have an in depth discussion of your running history, injuries and goals to identify factors that may be contributing to current/recurrent injuries or reducing optimal performance.  You will leave the session with an individualized workout program focused on improving your running performance.

Subsequent hour-long sessions will focus on gait re-training as well as an individualized strength, flexibility and stability program based on deficits and imbalances found during the initial analysis/evaluation.

This program is for runners ages 14 years and up who are:

  • Looking to improve their performance through greater efficiency, strength and developing an individualized training program
  • Currently having difficulty training due to pain/injury that only arise with running

Contact Us

Sports Performance and Fitness
40 Allied Drive
Dedham, MA 02026

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