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ACL Protection

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries are one of the most common sports medicine injuries, particularly for females.

Youth female athletes who participate in basketball, soccer and softball are up to 4.5 times more at risk of sustaining an ACL injury compared to male athletes playing the same sports. Research has shown that a targeted 6 week training program can reduce this risk of injury by 74%.


Injury Prevention

Improper jumping and landing mechanics, lack of mobility and muscle group imbalances are the leading predictors for an injury, though they are not the only factors. The majority of ACL injuries may occur because the player jumps or lands incorrectly, or they do not have the strength to control their body during activities such as cutting, accelerating or decelerating.

Strength, Flexibility and Agility Training

A strength, flexibility and agility training program can improve overall performance while helping to reduce the risk for injury. Sport-specific training will ensure that demands are met for each individual.


  • Develop explosive power, agility, and change of direction proficiency
  • Improve body control during athletic movements
  • Develop proper joint range of motion and biomechanics of the foot and ankle, knee, and hip during athletic movements
  • Improve static and dynamic multi-joint stability with an emphasis on limiting hip internal rotation and knee valgus movements
  • Develop lower body strength


This program is designed for female student athletes (ages 14-22) interested in participating in a program to decrease risk for an ACL injury or return to play after an ACL injury.

  • Programming is also available for male athletes recovering from a recent ACL injury.
  • Individuals with no current LE injury.
  • Individuals who completed rehab but would like an extension platform before returning to sport and who have been cleared by their physician.
  • Team or small groups who want to train together.

If you do not fit this criteria and are interested in an ACL protection program, please call us at 781-251-3559.

Class Format

Group size is limited to six people per instructor so personal needs can be addressed. Sessions are once per week for six weeks. One-on-one sessions are available if preferred.

Class Schedule

September 2 – November 22
Monday or Wednesday at 5:00 pm

For questions, or to register, please call 781-251-3559 or email us at

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