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New England Baptist Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.

Non-Orthopedic Medical Specialties

Outpatient Care

Our specialists provide comprehensive care to our patients.


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When you need care for environmental, food, drug, metal, latex, or insect sting allergies, our Allergy team is here to help. We have expertise in patch testing, including for metals. We offer comprehensive outpatient services including consultation, diagnostic testing, and treatment for many conditions.


Our board-certified cardiac specialists offer a range of services including stress testing, echocardiography, and trans-esophageal echocardiograms, all in a state-of-the-art diagnostic facility. Every cardiac specialist at the Baptist is an attending physician, which means patients are never seen by a cardiac resident or fellow.


Our gastroenterology physicians specialize in multiple gastrointestinal (GI) disorders including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer disease, diverticular disease, and small bowel diseases including malabsorption syndrome and malnutrition. Specialists provide in-office consultations and perform a broad spectrum of procedures including colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies, esophageal dilations, and esophagogastroduodenoscopies.

General Surgery

Our general surgeons have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions including masses of the head and neck, skin lesions, and soft tissue tumors. They also perform small and large bowel resection, laparoscopy, and cholecystectomy procedures, abdominal wall surgery, hernia treatment, and breast surgery.


Our experienced hematology experts offer diagnosis and treatment for autoimmune diseases and non-cancer related blood disorders, such as coagulation, thromboembolism, and hemostasis issues. Patients at NEBH are seen by experienced hematologists who offer extended office visits and consultations.

Infectious Disease

Our infectious disease specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of infections, including musculoskeletal infections, pneumonia, viral diseases (HIV and Hepatitis C), and complications in immunosuppressed patients. These specialists provide consultative services to prevent and treat infections as well as support patients with puzzling fevers or infections that are especially difficult to diagnose and treat.

Internal Medicine

Our primary care physicians offer internal medicine expertise in a personalized, caring environment. NEBH is an intimate, private practice hospital, which means primary care physicians have the opportunity to communicate directly with patients, listening to their concerns and developing a trusting and understanding relationship.

Nutrition Consultation

Our registered, licensed dietitians provide outpatient nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and renal disease. Consultation is also available for weight control, weight loss, pre and post-surgery and sports nutrition services. Please check with your insurance provider as your plan may require a referral.


Our pulmonary specialists offer prevention, education, diagnostic, and treatment services for adults with diseases of the lung, including asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, sleep-related breathing disorders, and interstitial lung diseases. We offer exercise physiology testing and prescriptions for getting started on a sensible program of physical activity and conditioning.


Our rheumatologists are experts in treating arthritis, certain autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal pain disorders, and osteoporosis. Many types of rheumatic diseases are not easily identified in the early stages, but we work closely with patients to identify the problem and design an individualized treatment program.

Inpatient Care

While you are in the hospital, you will be assigned a team of healthcare professionals, headed by your surgeon. Your team may include a hospitalist physician, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, case manager and registered nurse. This core team supports and supervises your care from the time you enter the hospital until you leave. Specialist consultants may join your team as needed.

Behavioral Medicine

A dedicated team of specialists are available for consultation prior to and during hospitalization.


Our board-certified cardiac specialists provide expert care, evaluating patients prior to surgery and managing patients with heart conditions during and after their surgery.


Our dermatology specialists are available for consultation for any reason during your hospital stay.


NEBH partners with Joslin Diabetes Center, which provides inpatient consultative services for patients with diabetes mellitus.


Our gastroenterology specialists are available for consultation for any reason during your hospital stay.


Our experienced hematology experts provide support for patients at high risk for surgical complications due to hematologic disorders.

Infectious Disease

Our infectious disease specialists provide consultative services to prevent and treat infections.

Intensive Care Unit

NEBH offers a full service Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which is staffed by ICU-trained physicians and nurses. Patients are admitted to the ICU when they need a higher level of care, including intensive monitoring and/or treatment, usually after complex surgical procedures. The ICU at NEBH is a multidisciplinary unit that manages medical, orthopedic, and general surgery patients. The majority of patients at NEBH are orthopedic in nature, and the ICU patient population reflects a predominant orthopedic patient population. Due to the complexity of many spine and neurosurgical procedures being performed at NEBH, approximately 50% of patients being admitted to our ICU have undergone complex spine surgery.


Our nephrology specialists are available for consultation if complicated renal issues arise after surgery.

Nutrition Consultation

Our registered, licensed dietitians support patients with enteral and parenteral nutrition, wound healing, weight management, food allergies and dietary restrictions while they are in the hospital.


Our pulmonary specialists are available to treat chronic obstructive lung disease to aid a patient’s ability to manage anesthesia and surgery. Respiratory specialists are available to evaluate patients and work with the care team to optimize your breathing.

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