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Endowment to Support
Baptist Chairs and Chiefs 

Honoring physician leadership is more essential than ever

Physician leadership has guided New England Baptist Hospital from its earliest days. Baptist visionary physicians—Otto Aufranc, MD, Frank Lahey, MD, Kenneth Warren, MD, and so many others—contributed surgical innovations, were instrumental in creating the Baptist Way of caring for patients and served generously as mentors to the young physicians who followed them. They represent a powerful legacy.

New England Baptist Hospital has been blessed with outstanding physician leaders—individuals known for the quality of the care they provide, the research they perform and the education they impart. In addition, these individuals enthusiastically collaborate with their colleagues, hospital administrators and board members. For all these reasons, they are truly worthy of tribute.

Today’s Baptist medical staff includes gifted physicians who continue the tradition of commitment to patients, to training the next generation and to advancing care. They work in a collegial manner and help set the high standards for which the Baptist is known and respected.

Endowed Chiefs and Chairs set the standard. At the Baptist, busy, talented physicians are critical to help determine and recommend cost-effective ways to improve outcomes and streamline processes. They are essential to this necessary reengineering effort, yet their time is a precious commodity.

For that reason, the hospital has set a goal of raising targeted endowment funds that support key physician leaders. By investing in these outstanding physicians, the hospital is ensuring that their time, energy and influence is available to shape Baptist care for the next era.

Your gift will support the Baptist’s need to endow its talented chairs and chiefs—an investment in physician leadership that will shape care at the Baptist for years to come. For more information, please call the Office of Philanthropy at 617-754-6880.

New England Baptist Hospital is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


Support the
Benjamin E. Bierbaum, MD
Chairmanship in Orthopedic Surgery 

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