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Capital Improvements

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New England Baptist Hospital has been renovated and restored throughout its 120-year history. The entire campus, including the buildings and grounds, has steadily evolved over the years to fulfill the Baptist’s central mission: serving as New England’s premier destination for musculoskeletal care. Recently, the development of a strategic master plan assisted hospital leadership in defining a list of necessary upgrades to the Baptist’s aging facility, and its medical and information technology, which must keep pace. 

The master planning process generated the following fundraising priorities needing support:

Dr.Newman2.jpgRadiology Facility and Technology Require Upgrades-Plans include expanding and remodeling the main radiology area in order to review imaging studies, in private and comfortable setting, with patients and family members. It is also essential that the department features all-digital x-ray capability to allow greatest efficiency. Funding will support the purchase of a SPECT-CT unit—hybrid imaging technology that fuses single-photon emission computed tomography. SPECT-CT is effective at locating ‘hot spots’ in the anatomy, such as inflammation and is especially useful for diagnosing spine problems.

All Operating Rooms Must Meet the Baptist Standard-At the completion of the Baptist’s successful Campaign for Care, which added four leading-edge operating rooms (OR) on campus, it became clear that the remaining ORs would need to be upgraded. The new surgical suites are larger and thus can accommodate the additional technology required for complex cases. Baptist surgeons describe the difference it makes to operate in an environment that promotes the high-quality surgical care for which the Baptist is known.

Patient Rooms and Bathrooms Are Slated for Renovation-Regardless of whether a patient’s stay is short—one or two days—or much longer, the patient’s room must support their comfort and safety and accommodate visits by family and friends.

Your gift will will support the Baptist’s need to upgrade its facility and technology—work that is needed for patient comfort and safety and to keep pace with current practice. For more information, please call the Office of Philanthropy at 617-754-6880.

New England Baptist Hospital is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.