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Joint Replacement Research at NEBH

New England Baptist Hospital is a center of excellence for musculoskeletal conditions and has a world-class Joint Replacement Program. NEBH performs more joint replacement surgeries than any other hospital in New England.

NEBH has a history of contributing to the success of joint replacement surgery. From the earliest years, Baptist surgeons consulted on and tested new implants, including the design and use of innovative materials. After the hospital became an established center for revisions, surgeons continued to address the complications associated with joint replacements. The impressively low post-surgical infection rate at NEBH is evidence of this commitment.

Leading Joint Replacement into the Future

Many surgeons continue to perform research to refine hip and knee replacement surgery. This includes efforts to reduce the average length of hospital stay for each of these surgeries. Other areas of study for joint replacement include:

  • Ongoing research on post-surgical pain, notably in collaboration with anesthesiology colleagues to address pain, without limiting mobility, after knee replacement surgery.
  • Studies aimed at improving range of motion after knee replacement surgery – a critical aspect of rehabilitation.
  • Research to investigate the need for specialized care, before and after joint replacement surgery, by specific populations, including elderly and obese patients.
  • Investigation of the role of pre-habilitation (exercise prior to joint replacement surgery) for those with activity goals after surgery.