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New England Baptist Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.

Preventing Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury

A HAPI (Hospital Aquired Pressure Injury), also known as a bedsore, can result from prolonged pressure caused by immobility or devices secured to skin (i.e. nasal canula, urinary catheter). Pressure injuries usually occur over bony prominences such as the coccyx, heels, and elbows. Not only is a pressure injury uncomfortable for the patient, but it can also lead to infection and other undesirable outcomes.

How Are We Performing?

How Do We Continuously Improve?

Our HAPI reduction program includes state-of-the-art beds and mattresses, an effective daily skin assessment, a prevention program, and early post-surgery ambulation. Additionally, our wound care certified nurses are available as an extra resource to complete consults on patients who are at risk for skin break down. Our clinical nurses are well versed in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) education on pressure injury development. HAPI prevention is a team effort and includes assessment from our clinical nurses, nursing assistants and LIPS (licensed independent practitioners), education by our nutrition team and early ambulation from our rehab department.

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