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Jill Moran

Jill Moran never stops moving. A Medfield, MA, resident, Moran owns a busy special events firm that conceptualizes and executes dozens of corporate trade shows, weddings, and non-profit galas every year, and runs an educational institute to train new event planners. Moran was a life-long runner, dancer, swimmer, cyclist, and cross-country skier who fit in as much exercise as possible in her so-called spare time—until nagging knee pain started to slow her down.

“My story began when I was 14 and I injured my knee in gym class,” says Moran. Although she had surgery shortly after that injury, for years, her knee continued to dislocate and cause her pain. In her 40s, after decades of exercise and events work on her “trick knee,” Moran underwent an osteotomy, a procedure that adjusted the length of her bones to re-align her kneecap. Moran says that although recovery from that surgery was difficult, she was able to walk, run, swim, and cross-country ski again.

“Then, in the fall of 2013, I was running around all day on a project, and my client asked, ‘Jill, why are you limping?’” she says. “I realized I’d been taking more ibuprofen than I’d like to.”

So Moran slowed down enough to consult again with an orthopedic surgeon at New England Baptist Hospital. Moran had been told years before that she’d eventually need a knee replacement, but, at the time, was advised to wait as long as possible since she was so young.

“But by 2013, my day-to-day living and quality of life had changed,” says Moran. So in January 2014, she had a knee replacement, and Moran has never looked back.

“My next big event was two months after my surgery, so I was highly motivated to recover,” Moran says. “I stayed inside and worked on my laptop, and I focused on doing my prescribed stretches and exercises,” Moran says. “And I did it! I was at my first event after the surgery and it was a big success.”

Moran is so grateful for the care that she received that she and her husband made a philanthropic gift to NEBH. She appreciates the quality and singular focus of the care she received at the Baptist.

“I’m glad there is a place like the Baptist that has streamlined the focus to be the best of the best in orthopedic care,” says Moran. “My experience at the hospital has been awesome; I always feel like I am the only patient. It’s reassuring to know that someday, when my daughter needs this kind of care for her knee issues, she’ll have the very best treatments available—the Baptist will be there for her, too.”

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