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Jack Reynolds

Jack Reynolds loves tennis. He loves the sport so much, that he has been doing whatever it takes to play through debilitating pain in his knees for the past ten years.

β€œI would put ice on my knees before I played and I would put ice on my knees after I played. I was constantly trying different shoe, sock, and orthotic combinations to figure out what felt comfortable for that particular day on that particular court. This led to years of frustration. Some days, I would almost not be able to walk after playing. I had to stop playing in some of the games I had been participating in for over 20 years.”

Looking for some relief, Reynolds met with his sports medicine physician, who had been treating him for the pain in his knees caused by osteoarthritis, which was so severe it had caused him to become bowlegged. β€œI went to see if I could get another round of cortisone shots. He told me my knees had reached the limit, and if I was going to have anything done, it would have to be knee replacements for both of my knees.”

Reynolds was referred to New England Baptist Hospital orthopedic surgeon James Phillips, MD, who specializes in hip and knee replacement.

β€œI met with Dr. Phillips and in a matter of about ten minutes we agreed to do the surgery. He was very confident, very positive, and felt like he could make a major difference in my life by replacing my knees.” Reynolds and Dr. Philips agreed that a bilateral knee replacement was the best option.

As part of the pre-operative education program at NEBH, Reynolds attended the total knee replacement pre-operative class at NEBH.

β€œI found that every step of the way at the Baptist, from the class to my prescreening appointment to while I was in the Hospital, there was someone there to answer all my questions and to share what I was going to go through before it happened.”

In September of 2015, Reynolds had both of his knees successfully replaced. The morning after his surgery, Reynolds was up and walking. β€œI walked around with a physical therapist and a walker, and I was amazed that I could walk and that I was in no pain. I found my knees and legs were much more stable than I imagined they would be. They felt better than my old knees.”

β€œThe people working at the Baptist were exceptional. They were unbelievably accommodating, helpful, friendly, attentive, and down to earth.”

After surgery, Reynolds has been hard at work and in a rigorous physical therapy program.

β€œI’m working out a few times a day, doing my best to get back. I am looking forward to getting back to tennis. For me this was like a new lease on life. The thought that I could walk around with no pain, and have straight legs again, is amazing.”

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