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Eiki Satake

“The pain was so bad, I could barely make it up the stairs,” recalls Eiki Satake on the pain he was feeling in his knees. An avid athlete and squash player, Satake was taking ibuprofen and wearing multiple braces to fight through the pain.

“Before playing, I would have to put braces on from top to bottom. I looked like a warrior-otherwise I would not have been able to move.”

Assuming the problem was in his knees, Satake was referred to a sports medicine specialist by his primary care physician.

“I was x-rayed, and the physician said my knees looked fantastic, but the problem was my hips. I never thought in one million years the pain was coming from advanced arthritis in my hips.” The physician recommended he make an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon at New England Baptist Hospital.

“What I liked about NEBH from the beginning was that they have dedicated themselves to orthopedics. It is very specialized, and exclusively designed for those who have had very similar conditions that I had.”

After doing some research, Satake made an appointment with hip and knee specialist Carl Talmo, MD, who also serves as Vice Chair of Orthopedic Research at NEBH.

“Dr. Talmo is an exceptional, outstanding doctor. As a college professor who teaches statistics, I was very impressed by his knowledge and appreciated that he used both deductive and inductive reasoning to not only diagnose but suggest the most appropriate treatment option.”

After reviewing x-rays and doing an exam, Dr. Talmo confirmed that Satake would need both of his hips replaced.

“Dr. Talmo was very thorough in his examination. I appreciated that he took the time to explain what the best implant to use would be and why.” The first surgery was done in May 2014, and his second in December 2014.

“My recovery from both surgeries was very quick. I was able to go up the stairs without a cane within 24 hours. My home visiting nurse and physical therapist put me in the 99% in terms of recovery rate and length of recovery that they have seen.”

After just a few months, Satake was back on the squash court.

“Before my hip replacements, I was in so much pain that I tried to control myself and didn’t want to move certain ways because the pain increased. Each time I played, I would have to take three or four days off afterwards. Now I have no hesitation, when I see the ball I am confident to get to it because of the wonderful results from both hip replacements.”

Four months after his last hip replacement, Satake won the championship in his division for the national Sears Cup Court Tennis tournament. “The only regret I have is I should have done it earlier. I should not have waited three years.”

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