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Connie Dawson

Connie Dawson is an avid athlete, and always has been.

“I don’t sit still well,” she says. “On any given day you’ll find me playing tennis, running, skiing or snowboarding, swimming, or cycling, and I recently took up both golf and paddle tennis. My son even taught me how to do a backflip on a trampoline when I was 45.”

So, when years of increasing chronic shoulder pain finally sidelined her from her active life, Connie was devastated. She couldn’t even sleep without experiencing burning pain in her shoulder.

First, Connie sought help at a big hospital but, she says, she felt like she was just one small piece of a big machine.

“I felt like I was a burden; nobody listened to me and I was still in pain and experiencing significant weakness after a major shoulder surgery,” she says. “In fact, I was told that it was my fault my shoulder wasn’t healthy!”

In desperation, Connie turned to Dr. John Richmond, a Sports Medicine specialist at New England Baptist Hospital, who had been highly recommended to her by friends and family.

“Dr. Richmond was professional. He listened and explained everything to me, and he explained what he believed I was experiencing and how he could help me—I felt like I was his only patient for the day,” says Connie.

Dr. Richmond recommended another operation on her shoulder. Connie says that because Dr. Richmond knew she was an athlete, he made sure to stabilize and secure her entire shoulder during the surgery so she could confidently enjoy sports after her recovery but also for years to come.

“I wasn’t remotely expecting a total fix after the surgery, but that’s what Dr. Richmond gave me,” Connie says. “I am now completely pain-free and my shoulder is stronger and more stable than before my initial injury. I am beyond grateful.”

Connie was so grateful that she decided to make a gift to NEBH in honor of Dr. Richmond.

“I believe that if you have been given a gift—for me, the gift of health, of being able to live my life the way I want—that you should give back,” says Connie. “I like knowing that my gratitude, my gift, will help NEBH provide other patients with the same level of care I have received.”

Since her surgery, Connie says she has referred many people, including her own children, brother, mother, and numerous friends to NEBH. She says she has also been back for care for her knee with Dr. Richmond.

Connie is so grateful for the care she has received that she is running the 2018 Boston Marathon as a member of New England Baptist Hospital’s marathon team!

“At NEBH, when they say, ‘your motion matters,’ they mean it: they’re focused on you, the whole patient. They involve you in your care, fix the injuries, educate you to help you prevent future problems, and they don’t push you into surgery if you don’t need it,” she says. “Because of NEBH, I’m able to do what I love again. I have regained the confidence that my body is my ally, and I am again ready to try anything. I just won’t be sitting still!”

If you would like to make a gift in honor of your NEBH caregiver, click here.

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