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New England Baptist Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.

Patient Information

Becoming a Patient

Becoming a patient at the Baptist is easy—simply follow the steps below.

Step 1

Find a doctor who is affiliated with NEBH. You can search for a doctor on our site or call our referral line at 855-370-6324 (NEBH)

Request a Referral

To request a referral to one of our specialists, you may:

Step 2

Call to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need a referral?
    Call your insurance company or primary care physician (PCP) to find out.
  • Were you injured at work?
    If yes, we will need to obtain authorization before we can schedule an appointment.
  • Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident?
    If yes, we will need a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) exhaustion letter.
  • What type of insurance do you have?
  • What is your Primary Subscriber’s ID Number?
  • Have you seen any other provider for this pain/injury?
  • Have you ever had any imaging such as CT, MRI, or X-ray to this body part?
    If yes, where/when? We will need to obtain reports and images.
  • Is this injury acute or chronic?
    If acute, how and when?
    If chronic, how long and during which activities?

If your doctor recommends a diagnostic procedure such as an MRI, CT, or X-ray, call our Radiology Department at 617-754-5287.

Helpful Information

Our Locations

New England Baptist Hospital has a number of locations, each providing an array of services. View a list of locations here.

Insurance Information

Your surgeon, anesthesiologist, medical doctors, and other specialists make their own decisions regarding participation in insurance plans. There are many physicians affiliated with the Hospital who participate in the same insurance plans as the Hospital. For more information regarding specific physician practices, please contact the individual physician offices or the Physician Referral line at 855-370-6324 (NEBH). View a list of insurance plans that NEBH accepts here.

Pre-Surgery Optimization at New England Baptist Hospital

Our Pre-Surgery Optimization Program is designed to enhance your preparation before your elective surgery/procedure. As part of our commitment to promoting wellness, restoring function, lessening disability and alleviating pain, we have created our Optimization Program to ensure that you are highly prepared prior to your surgery. Creating an individualized care plan for you pre-operatively helps you engage with your health, understanding your surgical procedure, and what you can do to take important steps to have optimal surgical outcomes.

How Pre-Surgery Optimization Works

Once your surgery is booked, you will be scheduled to come to a pre-screening appointment where you will meet with a Nurse Practitioner who will review your surgeon’s office note and your primary care provider’s (PCP) recent note, and then will perform a history and physical. The nursing staff will individualize your plan of care, considering your surgical procedure, health history, medication profile, education needs and risk factors. Patients who meet criteria, will be scheduled for a telephone interview which provides the same level of preparation, education and screening.

If we identify opportunities to improve your health, we will work with you to resolve them prior to your surgery. Whether you need consultation with additional specialty providers, require lab work or resources for smoking cessation, diet/nutrition assistance and/or medication modifications, we will coordinate your care needs. You will be provided with education materials during your pre-screening appointment. Please review the content with your care partner. Our goal is to ensure that every patient is optimally prepared for their surgical procedure and to promote a strong recovery.

Benefits of Appropriate Surgical Clearance and Testing at NEBH

  • Care coordination by a thorough review of surgeon and PCP records in conjunction with current assessment, education and partnership with pharmacy, rehab, and case management when necessary
  • Opportunity for you and your care partner to ask questions and to provide reassurance and validation of care concerns
  • Provide additional resources/educational materials that may be helpful such as smoking cessation, fall prevention, home preparations, etc.
  • Avoids unnecessary readmission
  • Prevention of surgery cancellation

Important Items To Know

  • Patients undergoing surgery will need to be tested for COVID-19 pre-operatively
  • Patients are instructed about chlorhexidine antiseptic (e.g. Hibiclens) showers pre-operatively that assists in decreasing bacteria on the skin
  • Nasal screening for staph (bacteria) for all patients
  • Helpful information/education, i.e. how to prepare your home, helpful tips on when to notify your provider and how to care for yourself
  • Pre-surgery email series for total hip/total knee replacement and spine surgery to help prepare you for your upcoming surgery; includes pushed alerts/information, news and resources tailored to your specific stage of preparation, surgery, or recovery

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