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Patient Stories

Linda Percy knows New England Baptist Hospital very well. As a member of the Mission Hill Community; and after having had two knee replacements, an ankle fusion, and a spinal surgery; and now since becoming a patient in the Spine Center, she jokingly refers to herself as a “Baptist frequent flyer”.

Percy has had many interactions with NEBH employees, both through her work with several Mission Hill community organizations and during her own time as a patient.

“I was stopped in the hallway one day and asked if I had ever thought about joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council. I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded like something I could contribute to both as a neighborhood member, which they were looking for, and as a frequent flyer.”

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at NEBH is comprised of a diverse group of patients, family members, representatives from the community, as well as NEBH employees. Together, the council works to use the perspective of patients and their families to improve the quality, safety, and experience of care.

Several years in, Percy is happy she decided to join.

“I find it fascinating. It’s a dedicated group of people that really care about the patients and their experience. I like the fact that NEBH is constantly looking for new patients and family members to get fresh experiences to talk about and evaluate. NEBH really listens to the PFAC.”

Percy’s advice for those thinking of joining the PFAC: “You get a lot out of it, and it’s a great learning experience. You are also, I really believe, making a difference and finding ways of making each patient’s hospital stay a better experience.”

For more information on the PFAC, and to learn how you can participate, please email Vivian Simonelli, Manager of Patient Relations and Experience or call 617-754-5147.

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