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Patient Stories

Joseph Connolly has a long history with New England Baptist Hospital, beginning in 1983, when his wife was treated for pancreatitis. Since then, Joe has been the care partner for his wife, who has had two knee replacement surgeries, two rotator cuff surgeries, and treatment for carpal tunnel on both hands at the Baptist. He has also been a patient himself, receiving non-surgical medical care.

“The care we have received at New England Baptist Hospital has been remarkable. The sincerity and compassion left an incredible mark on both myself and my wife,” says Joe.

Joe, who has been a NEBH donor for a number of years, met a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at an NEBH Gala. The PFAC at NEBH is comprised of a diverse group of patients, family members, representatives from the community and NEBH employees. Together, the council works to use the perspective of patients and their families to improve the quality, safety, and experience of care. Their chance meeting interested Joe.

“I felt by joining the PFAC, I could become more involved with an organization I had a lot of respect for. Also, it was a good way for me to provide input from the patient and family perspective. If there was anything I thought didn’t seem to be quite up to par, I might be able to make some recommendations.”

Since joining the PFAC in 2014, Joe has found the experience to be rewarding.

“Working on the PFAC has been inspiring. I always look forward to coming in. I think it’s important for patients and family members to be involved. They can voice things that they enjoyed while at the hospital, things that they appreciated or found meaningful. They can also share things they may have had distaste for, and ways things can be improved. Patients and their families certainly can’t keep silent. The only way you can improve is by voicing things that you see.”

“I truly enjoy being a member of the committee. There are a lot of great people that I appreciate working with. It’s well worth the time I put in.”

For more information on the PFAC, and to learn how you can participate, please email Vivian Simonelli, Manager of Patient Relations and Experience or call 617-754-5147.

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