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Patient Stories

Jennifer Smida

Hip Replacement Surgery

Former Boston Ballet ballerina Jennifer Smida, who is now a personal trainer and fitness instructor, had been suffering with hip pain for over two years. “My everyday activities, like getting dressed, driving, and walking, were compromised from lack of motion and pain. In addition, my class instruction was suffering as well.”

Smida decided to seek treatment at New England Baptist Hospital, where she had undergone ankle surgery several years ago when she was dancing. “The Baptist comes with the reputation of being the ONLY place to go for any orthopedic surgery,” says Smida. After meeting with orthopedic surgeon Daniel Ward, MD, she was scheduled for hip replacement surgery. “My first visit to the Baptist for this operation was quite efficient. All of the doctors and nurses I came in contact with were super nice, and didn’t make me feel rushed through the process. Everyone was helpful and explained the “day of” quite well – I felt prepared and completely knew what to expect.”

Although she had a complicated surgery, Smida’s recovery went as smoothly as it could. “The post-op pain was well managed, and I started gentle physical therapy immediately afterwards, which was key in getting my range of motion back.”

Just over a year after her surgery, Smida is back to leading fitness classes and enjoying her active life. “My range of motion has gotten to be good. I was so miserable before my surgery, that it’s amazing to me that I am pretty much right back to doing what I want without even thinking about my hip at all! I have referred everyone I know who is contemplating any joint surgery to the Baptist – hands down a wonderful experience.”

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