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Patient Stories

“My life was miserable,” says Jack Jaques, 33, on his recovery from back surgery at a local hospital. “They repaired two ruptured discs, telling me I’d be out of work three to four weeks.” Nine weeks later, however, Jaques was still in excruciating pain—pain so bad he couldn’t manage physical therapy.

“I looked like I was 90—I could barely walk,” Jaques recalls. Desperate, he sought out a physiatrist at the New England Baptist Spine Center for a second opinion.

“From the moment I walked in, I started noticing the difference in service between the previous hospital and the Baptist,” says Jaques. “It was so personal—first-class treatment from the receptionist, front desk staff, doctors, nurses, physical therapists—everyone. The focus was on educating me so I could make the best decision on my treatment.”

After reviewing surgical records, doing an exam and an MRI, Jaques was prescribed spinal injections for the pain and a course of aggressive physical therapy.

“I could see improvement almost right away. It still hurt, but after the injections, I could at least get back to work,” says Jaques, who is vice president of retail banking at Webster First Federal Credit Union.

According to Jaques, “physical therapy helped everything.” After four months, he’s continuing to exercise on his own, and checking in monthly with his physician.

“I’m seeing improvement every day, like being able to do an extra five minutes on the treadmill or another set of repetitions. And I’m off pain medication entirely. There’s more work to be done,” Jaques says of his recovery, “but I’m a different person. It’s that good.”

For others with back pain, “New England Baptist is the best place to be,” Jaques counsels. “If you’re not at the Baptist, you’re in the wrong place.”

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