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Patient Stories

Guy and Diane Snowden

Knee Replacement Surgery

Word-of-mouth often points the way to outstanding health care. Guy Snowden found that out when he began to suffer from knee pain. At summer gatherings on Nantucket and during winter months in Florida, Mr. Snowden heard ringing endorsements for New England Baptist Hospital. When it was time to consider knee replacement surgery, he had already been given a surgeon’s name and phone number.

“Once you’re inside, what strikes you is the way they provide care. You never lose your identity as a person; at the Baptist, you’re always an individual. It’s amazing the way everyone has bought into the Baptist culture.”

There were many more positive impressions, including when Frederick Basilico, MD, assessed Mr. Snowden’s cardiac health prior to the surgery. Dr. Basilico has subsequently cared for both Mr. Snowden and his wife, Diane. As Mr. Snowden’s other knee worsened, and he needed pain management, he found welcome, effective treatment at NEBH.

“There is an ethos that runs straight through the Baptist,” says Mr. Snowden. “It combines an impressive degree of expertise with a strong spirit of caring.”

Mrs. Snowden shares her husband’s observations.

“I’ve been so impressed with the Baptist,” she says. “It just doesn’t get any better.” After having shoulder surgery, performed by John Richmond, MD, Mrs. Snowden is back to enjoying favorite activities, including golf and clay-shooting.

“I do everything I used to do. I’m very pleased.”

Inspired by the outstanding care, the Snowdens have become enthusiastic Baptist supporters.

Not long after Mr. Snowden’s first surgery, they opened their home in Vero Beach, Florida, for a house party.

“I told people at the Baptist ‘We’re your logical hosts here in Florida,’” he says. “We invited Florida friends in an effort to grow the Baptist family. I’ve referred a number of people to the Hospital, and they’re so impressed that they usually thank me with flowers and candy.”

“You could say we’re Baptist disciples,” he adds. “We’ve definitely locked onto the brand. Once we came to know the Baptist, it became something we wanted to support—to perpetuate—because we want our family and friends to have the same wonderful experiences we’ve had.”

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