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Staying Active with Orthopedic Issues

New England Baptist Hospital is internationally recognized for its intensive exercise-based outpatient spine physical therapy program, often referred to as “boot camp”. In this program, NEBH physical therapists educate and instruct people with chronic neck and back pain to safely return to exercise again to help reduce pain and return to their life. Although this innovative approach has generally been associated with issues related to orthopedic spine pain, it applies to all orthopedic injuries. 

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Getting More Out of Every Blood Donation

NEBH has added new technology to our donor services center, which is allowing patients to receive blood from fewer donors, and donors to give less frequently and feel better after donating.

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Using Technology to Prevent Infections

New England Baptist Hospital’s groundbreaking Infection Prevention and Control program is a hospital wide effort and has resulted in fewer infections and better surgical outcomes. Much of this program’s success is due to what goes on behind the scenes; activity that patients never see. This includes the most sophisticated sterilization equipment available for the proper cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments used in the operating rooms.

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Empowering Patients Through Education

A big part of what makes New England Baptist Hospital different than other centers is patient education – a belief that educated patients participating in their own care will improve outcomes. The hospital offers a range of opportunities for patients to learn from and work with its specialists. 

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Improving Surgical Results Through Patient Registries

Patient registries are fast becoming important tools to assess the quality and cost-effectiveness of surgical procedures. Registries help to maintain high quality patient care and facilitate research that can improve surgical outcomes.

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