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New Approach for Treating Meniscus-Related Knee Pain Being Studied at NEBH

Innovations in modern medicine have brought many artificial joints and bionic body parts to patients. Although these devices have been used for years, a prosthetic replacement for the meniscus – the tissue pad located between the thigh and shin bones – is not yet available.  At New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH), we are participating in a new clinical trial that may help make the “artificial meniscus” a reality, providing a new treatment option for millions of Americans with persistent knee pain after meniscus injury or deterioration. 

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Osteoarthritis and the Optimal Time for Total Hip Replacement

It is generally agreed that patients need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon for Total Joint Replacement of the hip when a conservative approach has failed to provide relief of symptoms for Osteoarthritis (OA). However, the decision of when to refer a patient and when to proceed with surgery can be a complex one for the healthcare provider since there are no universally accepted criteria by which to determine the optimal time for surgery.

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Rethinking Chronic Back Pain and its Treatment

For many years, people have struggled to understand chronic back pain and the best treatment strategies to manage it. 

This article aims to provide medical information that will shift common beliefs around back pain, its causes, risk factors and effective treatment options. This "new" information could be shared with chronic back pain sufferers to address their concerns about their spines and to enhance their understanding of the causes and potential treatment options for their problem.

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Can a New, Investigational Cartilage Tissue Implant Made from a Patient’s Own Cells Potentially Improve Outcomes and Recovery Time After Cartilage Injury in The Knee?

New England Baptist Hospital surgeon and recognized cartilage expert Dr. Kai Mithoefer is leading innovative research that offers patients access to advanced cartilage repair technology that is currently being tested to determine if an investigational cartilage tissue implant made from patient’s own cartilage cells will improve outcomes and recovery time for certain knee cartilage injuries.

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