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Migraines _Blog

What You Need to Know About Migraines

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you are not alone – they are very common in the US, with over 28 million people estimated to suffer from them. Here, Dana Zalkind, MD, Medical Director of the Pain Management Program at NEBH, explains what a migraine is, what may cause it, and treatment options.

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Bunion _blog

The Truth About Bunions

bunion, which is an enlargement of the base of your big toe, is one of the most common foot problems among Americans. The bump is actually a result of a dislocation of the big toe joint that results in the 1st metatarsal bone’s “head” becoming prominent. Although common, there are many misconceptions about bunions. Here to set the record straight is NEBH Chief of Podiatry, Kenneth Leavitt, DPM.

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Summer _Nutrition _Blog

Getting the Most Out of Summertime Nutrition

The summer, along with vacations and time off, brings many temptations like barbeques, ice cream, and sugary drinks. During the summer, you may be on vacation or your schedule may not be as rigid as it is during the rest of the year, which can make it hard to stick to healthy eating habits. While it’s certainly ok to indulge once in a while, it’s important not to completely forgo healthy eating, even while in vacation mode. Luckily the summer is a season that offers many nutritious foods. Here, Clinical Dietitian Elle Wittneben RD, LDN suggests a few summertime foods you can eat and drink to stay healthy.

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Outdoor _Exercise

Spring Fever: Your Guide to Getting A Full Body Workout Outside

With the spring temperatures in full swing, many of us are trying to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as possible. Instead of spending your normal workout time indoors at the gym, NEBH Athletic Trainers suggest a few ways you can get a full body workout outside. For a quick workout you can choose to do just the Dynamic Stretches or just the Strength Exercises instead of both.

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