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Back _Pain _Blog

5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain

In the United States, 80% of us will experience some form of back pain during our lifetime. While some cases of back pain are unavoidable, Dr. Kevin Bernard, physiatrist at the NEBH Spine Center, explains some ways to help protect your back and prevent back pain.

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Opening Day: Getting Ready for Baseball and Softball Season

It’s that time of year again, the start of baseball and softball season. With Opening day at Fenway in the books, have you wondered what players go through to prepare for their first game? Whether it’s a player from the Red Sox or a student athlete in your life, players need guidance to ensure a safe and healthy season.  

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Diabetes _Month _Blog

Taking an Active Role in Your Health

As a nationally recognized organization for high patient satisfaction and leadership in quality and clinical outcomes as well as having extremely low infection rates, at New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) we are committed to Patient Safety. At NEBH Patient Safety is the responsibility of everyone who cares for you but you can have a more active role in your health by being an empowered patient.  As a patient or family member of a patient, here are a few things to watch for and ways you can participate so that you can become empowered, informed, and prepared:

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Celtics _Blog

March Madness: Train like a Celtic

As the official hospital of the Boston Celtics, NEBH has provided comprehensive medical services to the team for the past 30 years. One thing any professional basketball player needs to be successful is extensive training and conditioning, both in the offseason and during the season. NEBH athletic trainers, along with some help from Celtics mascot Lucky, offer some tips on how you can train like a Celtic.

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