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Staying active with the kids or grandkids this February vacation

The winter months can be a challenging time to find ways to keep children or grandchildren busy and active, particularly if they are on vacation and are eager to lounge around the house. Teaching children to be active at a young age provides them with lifelong benefits, and can help them to avoid orthopedic issues later in life. Below are four ways you can keep busy and in some cases even fit some exercise in this February vacation.

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Tips for a Heart Healthy Diet

February is American Heart Month, which is celebrated every year to raise awareness for cardiovascular (heart) disease, which is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. To reduce the risk of developing heart disease, there are a number of things you can do, including eating a heart healthy diet. Eating healthy will not only be good for your heart, but can also aid in weight loss, which can diminish pain and restore function in your joints.

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Fitness Benefits of Ice Skating

Ice skating is an activity with many health benefits. It’s good for the body and mind and can be enjoyed solo or as a social event. Now is a great time to take advantage of the outdoor ice rinks for exercise in the fresh air. If you are looking for something to do year round, stick to the indoor ice rinks for a way to stay fit and active. 

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Hockey and Hip Injuries

With winter in full swing, many of us are either playing or watching our favorite seasonal sports. Hockey is a popular sport that requires speed and power, and is known for its hard hitting collisions that often lead to injuries. Injuries to the hip are also one of the leading causes for players to miss games in hockey, due to the mechanics of the skating stride. Hip preservation specialist Thomas Wuerz, MD, MSc, MS, examines some of the most common hip injuries hockey players suffer from.

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Sticking to Your Exercise Routine When Bad Weather Strikes

As winter gets into full swing, many of us find ourselves opting to stay inside due to snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. But inclement weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your workout, even if you can’t go outside or get to the gym, you can still exercise. The key is to be consistent! Here are a few ideas on how to meet your fitness goals by getting creative and working out at home.

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