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Summer _Nutrition _Blog

Grilling Smart

Making healthy food choices is not the only health concern during barbecue season. Often the types of meat, plus handling and cooking methods, pose food safety risks. Not handling foods in sanitary conditions or not cooking and storing at the proper temperatures increases risk of food borne illness.

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Migraines _Blog

What You Need to Know About Migraines

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you are not alone – they are very common in the US, with over 28 million people estimated to suffer from them. Here, Dana Zalkind, MD, Medical Director of the Pain Management Program at NEBH, explains what a migraine is, what may cause it, and treatment options.

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Bunion _blog

The Truth About Bunions

bunion, which is an enlargement of the base of your big toe, is one of the most common foot problems among Americans. The bump is actually a result of a dislocation of the big toe joint that results in the 1st metatarsal bone’s “head” becoming prominent. Although common, there are many misconceptions about bunions. Here to set the record straight is NEBH Chief of Podiatry, Kenneth Leavitt, DPM.

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