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Walking _Beach _July 2018

Walking on the Sand: A Fun Summer Workout

With summer finally here, a day at the beach may be in your future. While beach days should be a relaxing time to unwind, the beach is also a great place to get a workout in. NEBH Athletic Trainers explain how a walk or jog in the sand provides a great workout.

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Gardening _July _2018

Protecting Your Hands and Wrists While Gardening

A great way to spend the day outside and get some exercise in this summer is to grab your gloves and hit the garden. Gardening not only provides nutritious fruits and vegetables to enjoy, but it can also be soothing and peaceful. However, yard work can often take a toll on our hands and wrists, so it’s important to take some precautions.

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Soccer _Blog _2018

Train Like a World Cup Player

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is here and the greatest soccer players on the planet have come together in Russia to compete. NEBH Athletic Trainers in the Sports Performance Center explain that the top three qualities you need to be an elite soccer player are strong legs, fast reflexes, and pure speed. See some examples of how you can train like a World Cup player.

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