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Avoid This Snowboarding Mistake

To those who have never tried snowboarding, it may appear snowboarders simply glide effortlessly down the mountain. However, this Olympic sport is incredibly physically demanding, offering a great cardio workout while improving balance and building various muscle groups. One rookie mistake many make is not getting in shape before hitting the slopes. NEBH Athletic Trainers in the Sports Performance Center recommend these three exercises to get you in snowboarding shape.

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Must Do Exercises for Hockey Players

Hockey is a game of speed and power, and players are known to be some of the best conditioned athletes around. Wondering what exercises these athlete do to get ready for the season? NEBH Athletic Trainers in the Sports Performance Center explain that an ideal strength and conditioning program for hockey players should combine strength training exercises, flexibility training and cardiovascular conditioning. Here, they recommend three essential exercises for hockey players.

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Meet NEBH Olympic Athlete: Tara Mounsey, NP

Tara Mounsey is an orthopedic nurse practitioner at New England Baptist Hospital who works closely with Dr. James Bono, serves as the medical coordinator for the Boston Celtics, and is an Ambassador to the Friends of the Baptist. But did you know that she is also an Olympic athlete? With the winter Olympics upon us, we talked to Tara about her hockey career, and what it was like to play in the Olympic games.

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