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Training Tips for Spring Athletes

Although you may still have some snow on the ground, now is the time to start training for your spring sport. In fact, no matter what sport you play, the earlier you start getting in shape, the better off you will be once the season starts. Orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and hip preservation specialist Thomas Wuerz, MD, offers some tips to get you ready for your spring sport.

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Stretching: The Next Fitness Craze

An old exercise is new again. Although high intensity workouts like CrossFit have become increasingly popular, stretching, a traditional exercise, is suddenly the latest fitness craze. There are two popular methods of stretching: dynamic stretching and traditional stretching.

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Unique Winter Sports

In a rut with your exercise routine? Take advantage of the recent snow and try something new like snowshoeing or cross country skiing for a fun exercise to get you moving during the winter months. Below orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and hip preservation specialist Thomas Wuerz, MD talks about some unique winter activities.

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Staying active with the kids or grandkids this February vacation

The winter months can be a challenging time to find ways to keep children or grandchildren busy and active, particularly if they are on vacation and are eager to lounge around the house. Teaching children to be active at a young age provides them with lifelong benefits, and can help them to avoid orthopedic issues later in life. Below are four ways you can keep busy and in some cases even fit some exercise in this February vacation.

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Fitness Benefits of Ice Skating

Ice skating is an activity with many health benefits. It’s good for the body and mind and can be enjoyed solo or as a social event. Now is a great time to take advantage of the outdoor ice rinks for exercise in the fresh air. If you are looking for something to do year round, stick to the indoor ice rinks for a way to stay fit and active. 

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