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Preparing Your Home for After Your Joint Replacement

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When planning for your joint replacement, each stage of the surgery and recovery process is important to its ultimate success, but after you leave the hospital, a lot will depend on you. Prior to having your surgery, you’ll want to make some preparations at your home so things are as easy as possible when you return. Here are a few things to do:

  • Place clean sheets on your bed.
  • Reduce clutter. Your balance and mobility will be reduced for a number of weeks. Make it easier to get around by getting clutter out of the way.
  • Remove loose wires, cords and rugs. If it can trip you up, it shouldn’t be there.
  • Prepare and freeze meals.
  • Make sure you have lighting in your bedroom that is easily accessible. Walking around in a dark room is too risky for someone who has just had surgery.
  • Ensure your pets will be cared for. Walking and feeding them may be difficult when you first return home from surgery. While we love our pets, it’s also important to keep them out of your bed and away from your surgical incision, as they can spread bacteria.

For more tips on preparing for your joint replacement, watch our video series. If you have any questions about your recovery talk to a member of your care team.