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Helpful Tips to Avoid Spring Cleaning Injuries

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After a long winter, spring has finally arrived and spring cleaning is on many people’s to-do-lists. While spring cleaning may seem like a harmless task, scrubbing, lifting and standing on ladders can lead to both minor and major injury as well as muscle soreness. Dr. John Turchetta, a physiatrist (medical specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation) at NEBH, recommends a few basic precautions to take to decrease the risk of injury.

  • Cleaning an entire house can seem daunting. Pace yourself and take regular breaks.
  • Diminish excessive repetitive motions:  Consider changing tasks frequently to decrease overuse injuries. Giving body parts, even brief rests, can go a long way in avoiding more serious overuse injury.
  • To decrease risk of musculoskeletal injury:
    • Start slowly and avoid sudden demand on your muscles and joints.  The slower you move the less force you place on your working parts.
    • Always work at proper, comfortable position and height to avoid excessive stretching and working a body part from an uncomfortable position.
    • Use the strongest parts of your body for whatever it is you trying to accomplish with proper body mechanics.
  • Avoid serious falls: If you don't have the proper training and equipment to accomplish a task, either leave them or hire someone.  These injuries are not easily fixed and can be fatal.
  • Cleaning aids:  Read all the labels and know what you are working with.

If you have any type of persistent pain, you should consult an orthopedic expert.