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Youth Golfers: Avoid These Common Injuries

For those who have never golfed, the sport may seem like a leisurely activity with limited risk for injury. Unfortunately, as with any sport, this is not the case and injuries are common. For youth golfers, the hands and wrist, shoulders and back tend to get the most injuries.  These injuries most commonly develop gradually over time from overuse or improper form, but can also occur suddenly.

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Recovering from Joint Replacement: Caring for Your Surgical Incision

Proper wound care is an important part of your recovery from joint replacement surgery, but caring for any wound is essential to healing. Until your wound is fully healed, it is vulnerable to infection and accidental opening from rubbing or scraping. Following these tips and instructions from from NEBH’s infection prevention team, as well as those from your surgeon, will reduce your risk and promote healing.

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