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New England Baptist Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.

Active Research Studies

Measuring the effect of a pre-operative high carbohydrate drink in unilateral primary total hip and knee arthroplasty patients
Denise Cody, RN

The effect of composite hydrocellular foam dressing with silicone gel adhesive to prevent tissue damage in the prone surgical spinal fusion patient
Kate Doller, RN

Pinnacle Ultamet Metal on Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty:  Average 10 Year Follow Up
David Mattingly, MD

36mm CERAMAX® Ceramic Hip System PMA post-approval study: Short to mid-term follow-up of new study subjects
David Mattingly, MD

Readmission rate after intra-operative Dural tear and same day discharge
Brian Kwon, MD

Single tendon hamstring ruptures: Functional outcomes of surgical and non-surgical treatment
Suzanne Miller, MD

Range of motion at discharge: Predicts need for knee manipulation following total knee arthroplasty
Carl Talmo, MD

Radiographic and functional outcomes Analysis of Stryker’s Trident II Acetabular Shell
Daniel Ward, MD

Combined treatment of tranexamic acid and intraoperative cell salvage: are there added benefits?
Carl Talmo, MD

Risk factors for periprosthetic hip fractures following primary total hip arthroplasty
Carl Talmo, MD

Mega-prosthesis outcomes for non-oncological patients: a retrospective study
Carl Talmo, MD

Revision for corrosion and adverse local tissue reaction in contemporary femoral hip prosthesis
Carl Talmo, MD

Identifying contributing factors of presyncopal and syncopal episodes in postoperative orthopedic patients
Ann Ell, RN

Rapid Identification of MRSA/MSSA in synovial samples
Brian Hollenbeck, MD

Perioperative Warming in Total Joint Arthroplasty: Are We Effective?
Linda Cunningham, RN

Comparison of constrained versus variable angle screw construct in one, two and three level ACDF
Raymond Hwang, MD and David Kim, MD

Rates and Significance of Pedicle Screw Malpositioning
Raymond Hwang, MD and David Kim, MD

Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion: review of radiographic and clinical results from a single institution
Brian Kwon, MD

Risk Factors for Wound Complications after Outpatient Lumbar Spine Surgery
Brian Hollenbeck, MD

PRO Registry
Frank Rand, MD and Pablo Diaz-Collado, MD

Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Frank Rand, MD and Stephen Camer, MD

Drivers of Cost and Variation in Single Level Lumbar Fusion Surgery using Time-Driven Activity Based Costing
Raymond Hwang, MD

Relationship of serum vitamin D to 1 or 2 level spinal fusions success
Scott Tromanhauser, MD

The Effect of a Skin Barrier Film Product on Incidence of Postoperative Skin Blister Development in Spine Surgery: A Randomized Study
Maryanne Cole, MSN

Cauda Equina Syndrome: diagnosis, timing of surgery and outcomes
David Kim, MD

Meniscus Repair in Patients 40 Years of Age and Older: Outcomes and Factors Predictive of Successful Repair
John Richmond, MD

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