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Active Research Studies

Prospective randomized trial comparing femoral nerve block to intraoperative local anesthetic injection of liposomal bupivicaine (Exparel) in total knee replacement
Talmo, Carl

Adult spinal deformity surgery: surgical outcomes and complications at an orthopedic specialty hospital
Rand, Frank

Mapping of Impaired Sensation in Cervical Radiculopathy
Rainville, James

Rates and differences in recovery between anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty as measured by patient-reported outcome measurements (PROMs)
Jawa, Andrew

CES Study Protocol—Cauda Equina Syndrome: diagnosis, timing of surgery, and outcomes
Kim, David

Operating Room Traffic/Door Opening Study
Hollenbeck, Brian

The Effect of a Skin Barrier Film Product on Incidence of Postoperative Skin Blister Development in Spine Surgery: A Randomized Study
Cole, Maryanne

Readmission rate after intra-operative dural tear and same day discharge
Kwon, Brian

Relationship of serum vitamin D to 1 or 2 level spinal fusions success
Tromanhauser, Scott

Drivers of Variation in Cost in Spine Surgery
Hwang, Raymond

The Effect of Patient-Controlled Preoperative Warming on Incidence of Hypothermia in Total Joint Arthroplasty: A Randomized Study
Cunningham, Linda

The VENUS Clinical Study (Verifying the Effectiveness of the NUsurface® System) Clinical Investigation. A multi-center,prospective, randomized, interventional, superiority clinical study
McKeon, Brian



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