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Our fundamental commitment
is to deliver the highest quality of nursing care
to our patients in a safe environment.

Our Nursing Mission

Nurses will transform lives through an unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care and outcomes.

Our Nursing Vision

We will be recognized as a leader in exemplary nursing practice, compassionate care delivery, research, and innovation. We will foster a professional practice environment that engages nurses in improving the quality of life for patients and in enhancing the clinical environment.

Nursing Philosophy

Our fundamental commitment is to deliver the highest quality of nursing care to our patients in a safe environment. Nursing is a blend of art and science based on knowledge, skill, integrity, experience and creativity.

We are relentless in continually improving patient safety through the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and resolution of identified concerns. We provide inter-professional care by collaborating with our colleagues. We treat each other, our patients, visitors and peers with dignity and respect in every interaction.

We create a practice environment culture that encompasses our core values of respect, ownership, superior service, and excellence that:

  • Recognizes that the patient’s biophysical, psychosocial, environmental, self-care, educational, and discharge needs are included in the delivery of nursing care. We are advocates for our patients and their families.
  • Acknowledges our specific patient population and provides care respectful of patient ethnicity, creed, nationality, religion, economic status, and gender orientation.
  • Encourages an environment that promotes professional growth, a spirit of inquiry, enhanced critical thinking, and team work. We are committed to the education and mentoring of the nursing, medical, and allied health students of tomorrow.
  • Supports a climate that values, nurtures, and recognizes clinical expertise, education, shared governance, and research.
  • Supports evidence-based research and practice with the purpose of improving patient care, advancing the profession and in leading the industry.
  • Ensures our care delivery is effective and efficacious.

Our Core Values: ROSE


Acting with integrity in all things. Being trustworthy and respectful with fellow employees, physicians, patients, and our community.


Being accountable to our core values and our patient outcomes, while we act as stewards of precious resources.

Superior Service

Recognizing that all customer requests are important, and addressing these needs in a timely, accurate, compassionate, and friendly manner, thereby creating a legendary experience.


Striving to reach ever higher levels of performance in all that we do through continuous improvement in care delivery, education, and support processes.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

This is a visual representation of NEBH’s Professional Practice Model. The model includes values
and goals that define our professional nursing identity. The model captures the professional
elements and identifies the what, how and why of what Baptist nurses do.

View our 2017 Nursing Annual Report

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