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New England Baptist Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.

Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship

The one-year Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship for Diagnostic Radiologists was founded in 1997 by Dr. Arthur Newberg. One position is available annually.

New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) is an orthopedic specialty hospital. There are 16 operating rooms for our 118 bed hospital, we also staff an ambulatory surgery center in Dedham, MA. Sports medicine, joint replacement, and spine surgery are the three primary areas of focus. The radiology department images and treats a full range of sports injuries in both professional and amateur athletes. We participate in the care of the Celtics NBA Basketball team, as well as a variety of collegiate and high school athletes. Diagnostic and therapeutic arthrograms are performed daily.

More joint replacements are performed at NEBH than at any other hospital in New England. The radiology department images the spectrum of primary and revision arthroplasties, along with their attendant complications. The majority of these are hip, knee, and shoulder implants. Joint aspirations and therapeutic procedures are performed daily. We routinely image pathology around joint replacements and employ carefully-developed imaging protocols to minimize hardware-associated artifacts.

Orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, and neurologists provide comprehensive spine care at NEBH. We therefore image a broad range of spine maladies, encompassing degenerative disease, scoliosis, trauma, and revision surgery. The department’s neuroradiologists perform a large volume of pain management and diagnostic procedures.

Fellowship Structure

A typical work week involves four days on the musculoskeletal (MSK) service and one day in neuroradiology. Time is divided between MR/CT imaging interpretation and procedures. Expertise reading and reporting cross-sectional imaging is developed throughout the year. A range of Imaging-related skills are fostered, including selecting MR/CT protocols, refining MR sequences, and tailoring exams to special circumstances.

Over the course of a year a fellow becomes facile with arthrograms of the shoulder, hip, and knee. The fellow also achieves familiarity with a host of less-common arthrograms such as acromioclavicular joint, distal radioulnar joint, wrist, elbow, ankle, small joints of the foot, etc. Protected time is also scheduled for diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided procedures. We have considerable flexibility and adapt the schedule to encourage the special interest(s) of each fellow.

The neuroradiology experience is focused on spine imaging and intervention. MR and CT of preoperative and postoperative conditions are plentiful. Fellows learn pain management procedures such as facet blocks, epidural injections, and nerve root blocks. Fellows may also be trained in diagnostic exams such as myelography and discography. All procedures are performed in the radiology department by radiologists.

An important aspect of the fellowship is consultation with our physician colleagues. NEBH is a relatively small hospital and the operating rooms are close to the radiology department. Frequent visits by our orthopedic colleagues are the norm. The fellow is included in case discussions and becomes versed in surgical vernacular and clinical decision-making. The Fellow learns to appreciate nuances of imaging findings and how they impact patients.

Educational Conferences

MSK Radiology Bagel Conference is held twice monthly on Friday mornings. It is hosted by the radiology MSK faculty. We present didactic and case-based talks to the orthopedic residents on a variety of imaging subjects. Orthopedic staff and faculty are often in attendance and contribute.

MSK Radiology Case Conference is held monthly. Cases are presented to the fellow by faculty. Interesting cases are discussed.

MSK Radiology Journal Club is held monthly. Several (usually three or four) articles are selected for review. The Fellow presents each of the articles and they are discussed.

Sports Medicine Conference occurs each Monday morning.  It is hosted by orthopedics and covers a variety of topics germane to the sports medicine orthopedic fellowship.  Imaging-arthroscopic correlation conferences are conducted quarterly with joint participation by radiology and orthopedic staff.

Orthopedic Grand Rounds is held each Wednesday morning. The radiology department participates with an invited speaker each year. The MSK Fellow, like all other fellows in the hospital, gives a Grand Rounds talk in the latter half of the year.


Fellows are encouraged to participate in research. Staff are engaged in any of several projects at any one time. Presentations at national meetings such as SSR are supported.

Academic Time

Fellows are allocated, on average, a day every other week for academic/research time.

Salary, Vacation, and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with the other Boston programs. Four weeks of vacation are scheduled ad lib. Health insurance, malpractice coverage, and parking are provided.

After-Hours Coverage

Radiologist coverage on evenings and weekends is accomplished via pager call with remote PACS access. Fellow call responsibilities match that of staff. Four call weekends and one holiday call are obligatory over the course of the year. Weekend moonlighting opportunities are available and encouraged.

Application and Interviews

We do not participate in the Match. We do abide by the SSR Match timeline. We begin accepting applications October 1st. We begin interviewing December 1st. We will extend an offer for our single position typically before mid-April, well before the NRMP Rank Order List Certification Deadline in May.

We run a transparent interview process. All interviews are completed before we extend an offer. Interviews are scheduled for a morning or afternoon. Expect to interview with most of the staff. You will also meet with the current fellow. We endeavor to have a visiting prospective fellow truly “get a feel” for the department. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about our atmosphere and feels it is a “good fit” for them.

Required materials:

  1. Application. We accept the universal NRMP fellowship form.
  2. Curriculum Vitae, including your current email address
  3. Personal statement regarding your choice of an MSK Fellowship
  4. Three (3) Letters of recommendation from faculty members, one of which should be from your program director
  5. Dean’s letter or medical school transcript
  6. Recent photograph

Contact Information

MSK Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of Radiology
New England Baptist Hospital
125 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120

Phone: (617) 754-6687
Fax: (617) 754-6409

About NEBH

New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) is the premier regional provider for orthopedic surgery and the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. NEBH is nationally recognized for high quality and high patient satisfaction. Teaching affiliations include Tufts University School of Medicine, with teaching programs in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. NEBH has been the official hospital of the Boston Celtics for over 30 years.

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