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Patient Portals

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The hospital and its affiliated providers are happy to provide you easy access to your medical information. The hospital and each physician have their own portals, so please confirm which portal you are looking for and utilize the links below.

NEBH Portal for patients who have been hospitalized.

The Spine Center at NEBH
Sharon Bassi, MD
Kevin Bernard, MD
Carol Hartigan, MD
Eugenio Martinez, MD
James Rainville, MD
John Turchetta, MD

  • Frederick Basilico, MD
  • James Bono, MD
  • Richard Brodie, MD
  • Eric Carkner, MD
  • Roberto Curz-Gervis, MD
  • Richard Cullen, MD
  • Alan Curtis, MD
  • Charles Dow, MD
  • Lisa Ferzoco, MD
  • Marilyn Griffin, MD
  • Brian Hollenbeck, MD
  • Farhat Homsy, MD
  • Raymond Hwang, MD 
  • Andrew Jawa, MD
  • David H. Kim, MD
  • Hervey Kimball, MD
  • Brian Kwon, MD
  • Kenneth Leavitt, MD
  • Charles Lowney, DO
  • Jermiah Lowney, DO
  • Michael P. Lowney, DO
  • Nicolas Marcotte, MD
  • David Mattingly, MD
  • Brian McKeon, MD
  • Antonio Mendes, MD
  • Gerald Miley, MD  
  • Suzanne Miller, MD

  • James Nairus, MD
  • Chima Ohaegbulam, MD
  • Stephen Parazin, MD
  • Dominque Pham, MD
  • Monica Piecyk, MD
  • Frank Rand, MD
  • John Richmond, MD
  • Amin Sabra, MD
  • Richard Scott, MD
  • Vivek Shah, MD
  • Anish Sharda, MD
  • Mark Slovenkai, MD
  • Mark Steiner, MD
  • Marcia Kathryn Steiner, MD
  • Gerard Sweeney, MD
  • Gregory Talalayevsky, MD
  • Carl Talmo, MD
  • Deepak Tandon, MD
  • Andrew Terrono, MD
  • John Tierney, DO
  • Scott Tromanhauser, MD
  • Bill Tsikitas, MD
  • Geoffrey VanFlandern, MD
  • Daniel Ward, MD
  • Paul Weitzel, MD
  • Eric Woodard, MD
  • Thomas Wuerz, MD