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Pre-Operative Classes

New England Baptist Hospital offers Pre-Operative Educational Classes for patients and their families to attend prior to having joint replacement surgery and spine surgery at NEBH. Classes are taught by a nurse and physical therapist or occupational therapist. Attendance is encouraged so that patients may learn valuable information regarding their procedure and post-op rehabilitation. The classes also offer the ability to ask questions and have discussions with nurses and physical or occupational therapists.

Space is limited, so you must be registered to attend the class. You may register at the time you schedule your prescreening visit, or by calling 617-754-5565.

The 3 classes are designed for patients who are scheduled at NEBH to have:

Total knee replacement schedule

Total hip replacement schedule

Spinal fusion surgery schedule

The classes will cover a range of topics including the following:

  • Discussion of hospital experience, discharge planning process, and expected length of stay
  • Demonstration of different ways you will move around after surgery; including getting out of bed, walking and how to use different assistive devices such as crutches and walkers
  • Demonstration and review of post-operative exercises
  • Review of any precautions you may have after surgery, as well as any braces or equipment you may need
  • How you will perform activities of daily living, including dressing, toileting, etc.
  • How to prepare for surgery, what physical therapy to expect after surgery and discharge
  • Joint Replacement Support E-mails

In addition to the topics discussed with the nurse and therapist, we will cover what to bring to the hospital, visiting hours, and hospital room information. Our ultimate goal is for you to have a clear idea of what to expect from your upcoming surgery, to provide an opportunity for questions and answers, and to help you proceed assuredly with your procedure.