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Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson, a tennis pro at Dedham Health & Athletic Complex in Dedham, MA, helps players of all ages gain the technical and competitive skills they need to succeed on the court, whether they are retired weekend doubles players at their health club or competitive players on the high school or college circuit.

So when he had a mountain biking accident and separated the joint in his shoulder, Kyle was worried. Surgery would put him out of work for six to eight months—maybe longer.

But then he saw Dr. Alan Curtis at New England Baptist Hospital. Kyle says Dr. Curtis gave him a choice.

“He asked, ‘Do you want surgery, or do you want to try to work it out?’”

Kyle decided not to have surgery. Under Dr. Curtis’s guidance, he completed a customized physical therapy program and completed some elements of rehab on his own.

“It was hard, but worth it—16 weeks after my injury, I was back in the swing of things,” says Kyle. “A few weeks later, I was serving again—with the same power! Now, I feel my shoulder is even stronger than before my injury, and I don’t have any clicking in my rotator cuff that I used to experience.”

Kyle says what he appreciates about Dr. Curtis and New England Baptist Hospital is that they gave him options. He says he had confidence because he knew that if he needed surgery, the Baptist was the best place to have it.

“But what is different about the Baptist is that Dr. Curtis, a renowned surgeon who operates on shoulders every week, helped me avoid it,” Kyle says.

Kyle says that as an athlete, and someone whose profession is based on their ability to move, he wants to be better tomorrow than he is today. He says he appreciates that Dr. Curtis and New England Baptist Hospital understood his needs, his injury, and most importantly, that they returned him to full function, pain-free motion, and got him back to work as quickly as possible.

“That’s why I think it’s so important to support New England Baptist Hospital,” says Kyle. “After experiencing the Baptist’s special care first-hand, I have confidence in the staff, in the approach, and in the results. My students range in age from 4 to 84, and the Baptist understands the importance of motion at all ages. I want to do what I can to support the Baptist, because in my line of work, I’m sure I will be back!”

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