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Sports Medicine

Kimball _Hervey _Video

Hand & Wrist Injuries in Athletes - Part 2

In part two of this two part series, Dr. Hervey Kimball discusses common injuries of the hand and wrist, as well as the benefits of surgical vs. non-surgical treatment for hand and wrist sports related injuries.

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Publish Date: 8/1/2018
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Basilico _Frederick _Video

Cardiac Considerations in Athletes

Dr. Frederick Basilico, Physician in Chief for Medicine and Chief of the Section of Cardiology at New England Baptist Hospital discusses cardiac screening that can help identify athletes at risk of Sudden Cardiac Death. Dr. Basilico reviews pre-participation examination and the most recent guidelines for eligibility for athletic competition. The talk also covers the importance of protective gear and defibrillators to prevent and treat other exercise related adverse cardiac events such as Commotio Cordis.

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Publish Date: 8/1/2018
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