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Trigger Finger

What is a Trigger Finger?

This is a condition that will limit finger movement. When you straighten the finger it will lock or catch before popping out. It affects the tendons in your finger or thumb.

What are Flexor Tendons?

Tendons that control the movements of the fingers and thumb, allowing you to grip and make a fist, are called flexor tendons. The flexor tendons slide through a snug tunnel that is called the tendon sheath. The tendon sheath keeps the tendon in place next to the bones. 

Common Causes

There are factors that put people at greater risk for developing a Trigger Finger. The cause is usually unknown. Some risk factors include medical problems such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis or engaging in activities that may strain the hand.

Diagnosis and Examination

History and physical exam by a qualified musculoskeletal expert is the first step. A physician will examine the patient’s hand. X-rays are usually not needed to diagnose this condition.


Non-Surgical treatment options can be recommended to relive pain. These could include anti-inflammatory medications or steroid injections. Simply resting the finger or placing it in a neutral position in a splint may be recommended. Surgery can be an option when non-surgical treatment options have failed. To slide the tendon trough more easily and widen the opening of the tunnel is the goal of surgery.