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Bone Spurs

What are Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs are an extra growth of bone caused by a tendon pulling on a bone over time.  This growth is separated from the bone itself because of the angle of pull.  The heel is one of the most common places to develop a bone spur.  It can happen on the bottom of your heel in the plantar fascia, or, if it is on the back of the heel, it is called a heel spur-resulting from the pull of the Achilles tendon.

Diagnosis and Examination

To receive a diagnosis, a qualified healthcare professional in musculoskeletal disorders and podiatric medicine will examine your feet and ask questions about your symptoms.  They will look at your muscles and bones to see the shape of your foot and assess pain.  They will examine the alignment of your foot and ankle in standing and while walking.  Your footwear should also be examined to assure proper fit.


These conditions are usually treated non-surgically.  Treatment will typically include daily stretching, massage, and possible use of modalities such as ultrasound.  The use of proper footwear is essential for recovery.  Anti-inflammatory medications may be recommended. If conservative treatment fails, follow up with your physician to determine further treatment strategies.