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The otolaryngology specialists at New England Baptist Hospital provide medical and surgical care for the ear, nose, and throat (ENT), as well as related structures of the head and neck. This includes diseases of the sinus, voice box, oral cavity, mouth, and throat, as well as the nerves in the head and neck that control sight, smell, hearing, and balance.

The otolaryngologists at the Baptist are skilled in diagnosing and managing a range of disorders, such as sinusitis, hearing loss, chronic sore throat, head, neck, and facial pain, and vertigo. They also diagnose and treat both benign and malignant tumors in the head and neck. Otolaryngologists at the Baptist work with state-of-the-art resources, including a complete audiologic testing facility, vestibular balance study equipment, and post-acute vertigo recovery rehabilitation.

Otolaryngologists have the unique advantage of both medical and surgical training. At New England Baptist Hospital, our otolaryngologists apply their broad medical knowledge to treat many patient conditions medically, without immediately resorting to surgery. Working closely with other departments and specialists, including our world-class radiology department and experienced nursing staff, our otolaryngologists provide comprehensive, high-quality patient care.