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New England Baptist Hospital nurses provide expert, competent, and compassionate care guided by evidence based practice and knowledge. The goal of our practice environment is to provide collaborative, expert, innovative, accountable patient centered care dedicated to optimizing patient function. We are part of a world-class interdisciplinary team and our nursing care encompasses the most relevant developments in treatment modalities and technologies. Nurses participate in multi-disciplinary collaborations and initiatives focused on performance improvement projects and national benchmarking quality indicators such as the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI). We strive for excellence in patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, and due to our success have received the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award every year since 2007.


Nurses at New England Baptist Hospital work in a collaborative, collegial environment that provides consistent opportunities for learning, teaching, research and professional development and advancement. Nurses have a positive impact on patient care outcomes and satisfaction every day; professional nurse accomplishments are encouraged and valued here at New England Baptist Hospital.

We commit to an environment that is dynamic, inclusive, and supportive of the advancement of professional practice; one which empowers nurses to learn best practices, lead quality improvement activities, support shared governance and provide excellence in practice.