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Infectious Disease

The infectious disease specialists at New England Baptist Hospital are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of infections, including wound infections, pneumonia, and complications contracted by immuno-suppressed patients. These specialists provide consultative services to NEBH physicians to prevent and treat infections as well as support patients with puzzling fevers or infections that are especially difficult to diagnose and treat.

Our infectious disease specialists have expertise in dealing with orthopedic infections. While they are rare, orthopedic infections can be devastating and usually require further surgery as well as long-term antibiotic treatment to cure. At NEBH, we are proud to say that we have some of the lowest infection rates in the country. NEBH infectious disease physicians work very closely with patients, case managers, and social workers to make sure that patients and their families are properly educated and prepared for their course of treatment at home. 

Because NEBH is relatively small, all of the infectious disease specialists know and work closely with the attending physicians to the benefit of the patient. In contrast to the practice at many larger institutions with layers of physicians, residents, and supporting staff, at NEBH the senior consultants and attending physicians do the daily rounds, administer care, write orders, and communicate directly with patients and their families. This comprehensive and personalized approach ensures that patients receive the best care NEBH has to offer.