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Medical Psychiatric Services

New England Baptist Hospital recognizes the critical importance of addressing the mental health needs of its patients.

Coping with an orthopedic injury can be stressful, with many people experiencing discouragement or anxiety for at least a brief time. While usually mild, occasionally these symptoms can worsen, ultimately benefiting from further assessment and treatment. In other circumstances, patients may come to the hospital already in treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction, or other psychiatric illness.

Ensuring that every patient receives the safest, most optimal care, a dedicated team of medical psychiatry specialists are available for consultation prior to and during hospitalization. Bringing together the expertise of two clinical psychologists and a psychiatrist, the medical psychiatry team works closely with the surgeon and other physicians, performing a complete review of the case and developing an individualized treatment plan.

Services include medication management, supportive and other psychotherapy modalities, addictions and spiritual counseling, pain management, and smoking cessation.  If recommended, the team can also arrange for ongoing mental health care once the patient leaves the hospital.