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Rewards & Recognition Programs

New England Baptist Hospital’s Rewards and Recognition program serves to highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job functions across the organization.  Employee recognition can be given in many ways—through saying thank you, giving praise, providing opportunity, or showing respect. Many studies on the work place have shown that being recognized for achievements, knowing that one's contributions matter to the organization, and the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment.  NEBH supports growing a culture of development and recognition for our staff.

Recognition is most effective when it takes place on a regular basis and in a variety of different ways.  It is also important that recognition activities be aligned with the culture of the workplace.

To this end, NEBH provides different opportunities for acknowledging co-workers and peers.

The Appreciation Awards – i.e. Star Cards
The on-the-spot awards and monthly recognition provides opportunities for supervisors and managers to recognize and reward employees and teams for exceptional accomplishments and demonstrated behaviors that are aligned to the mission, vision and values of the organization.

The types of contributions that may be recognized are:

  • Staying late to help a colleague to prepare for the next day
  • Volunteering to cover for a co-worker who is out sick
  • Going out of your way to help boost morale or create a positive, inclusive work environment or to assist a patient and/or family member
  • Exceeding expectations for a goal in a long term collaborative project
  • Mentioned on a Press Ganey survey or patient letter
  • Going above and beyond position responsibilities

Make a Difference Post (Blog)
Take time to recognize a Baptist colleague for making a difference. If a physician or staff member has gone above and beyond the expectations of his or her job to help you, a patient, a family member or co-worker, let him or her know how much you appreciate the effort. Your words of appreciation will be posted on this blog throughout the year.

The Excellence Awards
The formal, hospital-wide awards will be presented at an annual ceremony, administered by Human Resources. This includes Team Awards, the Legendary Leader Annual Award and the President's Award for Excellence in Quality.

The Excellence Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of the Hospital toward fulfilling our goals, values, and mission. This is among the highest honors awarded to staff by NEBH.  Professionalism, commitment to best practices, and high standards of excellence are at the heart of these awards.

Team Awards
The Team Awards are designed to recognize the many improvements, innovations, and outstanding collaboration NEBH staff are making to ensure that NEBH is the best place for patients to receive care, and the best place for employees to work. 

The Award Categories are:
Excellence in Patient Care - This award will recognize a team that has made significant strides in providing unsurpassed patient-centered care, by designing and delivering care based on what patients need most.

Building a Better Workplace - This award will recognize a team that has created a great place for employees and physicians to work-either within a single department or across NEBH. Team projects may focus on any aspect of work life- professional development, communication, diversity, etc.

Innovation - This award will be awarded to a team that has found and implemented a better way to deliver care or services. The emphasis is on projects that represent a “break with the past” and may demonstrate risk taking, out of the box thinking, or effective use of ideas adapted from other departments or organizations.

Community - Making a Difference - The Community award will be given to a team that has made the most significant contribution to improving the health and well being of the communities we are committed to serving.

Cost Savings or Revenue Enhancer Program - This award is to recognize a team that has identified and implemented a successful cost savings initiative or created a better process to ensure budgetary discipline.

Unsung Heroes
This award will recognize a team or department that consistently exceeds expectations without fanfare and/or is a quiet but reliable high performing presence at NEBH. By demonstrating a willingness to always help when needed, taking initiative to solve problems or make improvements, we would not be as successful without this exceptional team working behind the scenes.

Eligibility, Nominations, and Selection Committees
The awards program has specific eligibility and nomination requirements. A committee chosen by Human Resources will select winners within that calendar year.