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Pre-Employment Testing

All employment offers at New England Baptist Hospital are contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug test, an immunization record check, and a criminal background ("CORI") check (The hospital's CORI policy is available through the Human Resources Department).

Tobacco use remains the most significant preventable cause of death and disability in the United States today. New England Baptist Hospital is committed to providing a completely tobacco free environment to promote a healing atmosphere for our patients and a healthy environment for our staff, volunteers, physicians, vendors, patient family members and visitors.

NEBH has implemented a tobacco free policy requiring all individuals who have been offered a job at NEBH to take a nicotine test during their pre-employment screening process. This tobacco free policy is an addition to existing pre-employment screening measures. Administered by Quest Diagnostics, the urine-based nicotine test detects the presence of all forms of nicotine.

Offers of positions to prospective employees who test positive for nicotine or drugs will be rescinded. Those individuals testing positive for drugs or nicotine will be eligible to re-apply for positions at the hospital 6 months after the date of the positive test report. Once an applicant is "cleared," then the job offer is confirmed and the employee is ready to start the orientation and training process.