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Life in Motion

Walking on the Sand: A Fun Summer Workout

Sports & Exercise

With summer finally here, a day at the beach may be in your future. While beach days should be a relaxing time to unwind, the beach is also a great place to get a workout in. NEBH Athletic Trainers in the Sports Performance Center explain how a walk or jog in the sand provides a great workout.

Sand provides an unstable surface, which makes it more demanding than walking on hard surfaces, so you are able to burn more calories. You will also give your core a nice workout as it keeps you stabilized on the uneven ground.  Walking and running on the sand provides an added benefit for those with orthopedic issues. Instead of pounding your joints and feet on hard pavement, sand acts as a natural cushion.

For an added exercise, pick up seashells during your walk or jog. Repeatedly bending down will work your legs and core. Take a dip in the water after your workout – the cool New England waters can help reduce aches and pains much like a cold pack. Keep in mind that if you are used to running or walking a certain distance on pavement, you may tire more quickly due to the demands of the sand, so start slowly and work up to longer distances.

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