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Life in Motion

Using Technology to Prevent Infections

Medical Science

New England Baptist Hospital’s groundbreaking Infection Prevention and Control program is a hospital wide effort and has resulted in fewer infections and better surgical outcomes. Much of this program’s success is due to what goes on behind the scenes; activity that patients never see. This includes the most sophisticated sterilization equipment available for the proper cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments used in the operating rooms.

State-of-The Art Technology

New England Baptist has invested in state-of-the-art, fully automated sterilization technology because studies have demonstrated that it can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. This equipment is able to efficiently clean and sterilize 700 to 900 sets of instruments daily. Additionally, this technology uses “clean steam” sterilization which means the hospital generates its own steam from purified, reverse osmosis water.

Outpatient Care Center Becomes “Automated”

The New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center in Dedham features Decontamination Robotic Shuttle Automation—the first of its kind in the world! Once the used instruments are loaded onto a cart, the automated process begins. The robotic shuttle transports the racks using laser guidance, places the cart into the washer disinfector, cleans the instruments and then removes the rack from the washer disinfector. Instruments are then ready for packing and use in the operating room. This automation not only enhances efficiency, but reduces the time it takes to return sterile equipment to the operating rooms.

Further enhancing efficiency, the Dedham facility has been fitted with two small units that allow staff to sterilize specialty equipment specifically needed throughout the day, removing OR staff from the task. Finally, the facility has a fully integrated instrument tracking system which assures all programmed parameters are met and staff is obtaining all required documentation.

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