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Life in Motion

Using Technology to Keep You Moving

Sports & Exercise

Bored with your workout routine or away from home for the holidays? It’s easy to get into a fitness rut, or make excuses to not work out. Technology has made exercising easier because you can work out when it’s convenient for you, and there are a variety of nontraditional methods you can try. Thanks to wearable technology, workout Apps and online participation in exercise classes you can maintain a healthy lifestyle on your schedule.

Wearable Technology
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently announced its annual fitness trend forecast. For 2017, Wearable Technology ranked number one on the list. Wearable technology, including GPS tracking devices, activity trackers, heart rate monitors and smart watches, can measure and collect data. For example, you can track how many minutes you have exercised, your steps taken, and calories burned. These devices monitor your progress, helping to keep you accountable by guiding you to make healthier choices and stay active. You can personalize these devices by setting fitness goals which can help motivate you to work out. Combined with regular diet and exercise, activity trackers such as Fitbits or Jawbone’s can be used as tools to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Live Stream Fitness Classes
Working out at home is not what it used to be. Instead of exercising to a fitness DVD you can join a live class happening in real time. The ability to live stream classes means you can be an active class participant, bringing the workout to you. If you get bored easily you can try a variety of classes. If you’re worried about wasting money on a class, streaming gives you the opportunity to try it in a cost effective way. Platforms such as Facebook Live or Periscope allow you to participate from anywhere.

Workout Apps
You can download Apps to your smartphone and use them as a workout partner and get workout ideas and nutritional information. There are Apps for on demand coaching and training with a variety of workouts to choose from, allowing you to customize your fitness goals. If you are concerned about nutrition there are several weight management Apps which can be used as tools to help you make healthier choices at the grocery store or monitor your calorie intake.

Technology provides you with the flexibility to work out when you can and as a tool to hold you accountable. Combined with traditional methods, technology is a convenient way to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet your goals.

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