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Training Tips for Spring Athletes

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Although you may still have some snow on the ground, now is the time to start training for your spring sport. In fact, no matter what sport you play, the earlier you start getting in shape, the better off you will be once the season starts. Orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and hip preservation specialist Thomas Wuerz, MD, offers some tips to get you ready for your spring sport.

Get a Pre-participation Physical Exam

Start the season off right by ensuring you are healthy with a pre-participation physical exam. This will allow you to maximize your health, and alert you if you are predisposed to any injury or illness. You may even benefit from learning strategies to prevent injuries.

Start Slow

If you have taken the winter off and find yourself out of shape, it’s important to ease back into your workout routine to avoid getting burnt out or injured. Start slow and increase your activity over time. Make sure to listen to your body and know when to take a break.

Create an Appropriate Workout Plan

While it’s important to always include your entire body in your workout, most athletes will benefit from training targeted to their specific sport. Additionally, you will want to focus on and strengthen muscles that are statistically prone to injury. Click here for sport-specific training and injury prevention tips from NEBH Athletic Trainers.

Pay Attention to Signs of Injury

As you get back to training, you will most likely have some minor muscle aches and soreness. If you experience any of the following: sudden, severe pain; swelling; extreme tenderness or weakness; or any soreness that doesn’t go away, it’s important to see an orthopedic expert. Ignoring pain can keep you out of the game longer than if you seek immediate treatment.

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