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Tips to Be a Safe Patient

Health & Prevention

Patients expect that they will be kept safe when they go to a hospital. At NEBH we know that guaranteeing a patient’s safety takes a lot of hard work, and it is one of our top priorities. While we are working hard to keep you safe, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure your safety as well.

Wash Your Hands – And Remind Others To

In any hospital, hand hygiene is the single most important measure for preventing the spread of infection to patients. While in the hospital you can practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands before eating, after using the restroom, and touching hospital surfaces.  Ask your guests and any members of your healthcare team if they have washed their hands.

Be Open and Honest With Your Health Care Providers

Alcohol and recreational drugs can impact a patient’s response to surgery and anesthesia. Every patient will be asked a series of questions regarding their alcohol and drug intake. Even a casual drinker or user can be impacted, so it is important to be honest with your health care providers so we can provide you with the best care possible.

Do Your Part to Prevent Falls

No matter how fit you are, orthopedic surgery puts you at a high risk of falling. The effects of surgery, anesthesia, and pain medications will impact your balance and mobility. There are a few things you can do to help prevent falls:

  • Do not get up without help. Most falls occur when you try to walk too early without help and when toileting. “Call, don’t Fall” is our rule.
  • Inform anyone from your health care team if you begin to feel dizzy or unsteady.
  • Always use a walking device (cane, walker, crutches) if your physical therapist instructs you to use one.

Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Research has shown that educated patients participating in their own care can improve outcomes. NEBH offers a range of opportunities for patients to learn from and work with its specialists. Visit to learn more.

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