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The Best Foods to Eat After Surgery

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After surgery, good nutrition is essential to your recovery and can even help combat common side effects, such as constipation. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the body needs extra calories and protein in order to optimally heal. This can be achieved by eating a well-balanced diet that encompasses a variety of protein sources, vitamins and minerals, and proper hydration.

A well-balanced diet incorporates grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein into every meal. Excellent sources of protein include cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts and nut butters, tofu, and lean meats. According to NEBH registered dietitians, Vitamin C and Zinc are beneficial for wound healing and may improve surgical recovery. Sources of these vitamin and mineral include strawberries, cantaloupe, mango, broccoli, egg, seafood, tofu, and whole grains.

Lastly, ensure you are drinking plenty of fluids to prevent constipation while you are recovering and not moving around as much as you are used to. Water, 100% fruit juices, and decaffeinated tea or coffee will keep you hydrated. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages should be avoided after surgery.

If you have any questions or concerns about what you should be eating after surgery, consult with your surgeon or a registered dietitian.

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