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Staying Healthy and Active while on Vacation

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The summer months are a popular time to go on vacation, and many of us may find ourselves on a road trip or out sightseeing. While vacations can be relaxing, it is still important to stay active as a benefit to your overall health and wellness.

Here are some tips from NEBH physiatrists on how to stay active and healthy while on vacation:

Sightsee by using your feet

While sightseeing, instead of talking a cab or public transportation choose to walk to your destination. If you’re sightseeing in a popular vacation spot, sites may be close together so you can conveniently tour several places at once. Many destinations offer free walking tours and you could combine sightseeing with a low impact workout. If visiting a museum or historical site choose to take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Don’t forget about exercise
Take advantage of outdoor activities that provide the opportunity for physical exercise. Popular vacation areas often include recreational activities that you can participate in while also offering a fun way to exercise. Activities could include golfing, swimming, surfing, hiking or tennis. Each day to mix up your routine you could try a different activity. One day could be golfing and the next day could be spent swimming or surfing. To continue your physical fitness routine during your vacation, stay in a hotel that has an onsite gym or fitness center. Or you can look for a local fitness center that might be similar to your home gym. You can also always bring the gym with you. Going for a jog or a walk is a good opportunity to explore a new place and get exercise at the same time.

If your vacation plans include visiting a hot climate or participating in physical activities it is Important to stay hydrated. You may want to avoid sugary beverages by drinking lots of water and avoid consuming empty calories associated with alcohol and soda. A fun part of traveling is trying new foods and eating outside of what you normally eat. It is important to eat in moderation so that you do not to overindulge and maintain a balanced diet.

Remember you are on vacation so enjoy! You can get the most out of your trip by finding a good healthy balance.

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